#270 The Conversation

#270 The Conversation by tommasz
#270 The Conversation, a photo by tommasz on Flickr.

Sorry for not being funny, but I thought this was worth getting serious about. The link for The Conversation Project: theconversationproject.org/

Go there today. Get the conversation started. Don’t wait until you’re unable to make your wishes known.

#268 Cups of Cocoa

#268 Cups of Cocoa by tommasz
#268 Cups of Cocoa, a photo by tommasz on Flickr.

This is pretty much how I’m feeling lately. Here’s the transcript in case you wonder what they’re saying in Panels 2-4.

Panel 1
Babs: I have to be honest, I’m getting sick and tired of this Winter.
Insider Box: I know what you mean. Every time I see a snowflake I want to scream.

Panel 2
I: It seems like it’s never going to end.
B: But it has to, right? I mean, it can’t snow forever, right? Right?

Panel 3
I: Not since the last Ice Age.
B: Which this isn’t. Yet I can’t help but wonder…

Panel 4
I: Perhaps we should wonder indoors.
B: Where we can do our wondering over cups of hot cocoa.